Manage your rentals virtually, anywhere.

One-click data entry, intelligent alerts, online rent collections, tax prep support, personalized tenant/landlord portals, and a bird’s eye view of your rental portfolio right from your phone or desktop computer.

Scale your rental portfolio with ease.

How It Works

Capture, upload, or email any real estate document and let Foliolens match it to the correct property.
Stay relevant and secure by digitally collecting rent, capturing and sharing documents, automating tasks, and running reports for property insights. Download the best free property management software today for ultimate rental property performance insights and data management.

Forget Delegating. Start Automating.

Why Use Property Management Software? Our goal is to reduce operating expenses, make you the skilled investor, landlord, and property manager without the stress and responsibilities. Understand the overall health of your investments today!

Who is
Foliolens for?

Who is
Foliolens for?

New Investor Seasoned Pro

Landlord and Property Manager

Large Portfolios or Single Property

Individual Real Estate Investor

Bookkeepers, Assistants, and Office Administrators

Features & Benefits

  • Intelligent Document Processing
  • Automated Tasks & Reminders
  • Insights & Reporting
  • Portfolio Dashboard
  • Seamlessly Organize & Share Documents
  • Frictionless Payments
  • Bank-grade data security

Intelligent Document Processing

Automatically classify, categorize, extract relevant information, and link documents to their property.

Automated Tasks & Reminders

Avoid missing important dates and cut down late fees.


Insights & Reporting

Informed decision-making to effectively manage property taxation and insurance costs.


Portfolio Dashboard

Self-service investor, landlord, property manager portal for real time portfolio view.


Seamlessly Organize & Share Documents

Upload easy-to-find real estate documents and securely collaborate from your preferred device.


Frictionless Payments

Connect your bank accounts to collect rent through our third party partner with bank-grade security processing.


Bank-grade data security

Foliolens uses encryption at rest and in transit to secure all data flowing through our platform. We encrypt sensitive personal information, payment and banking data, and use token identifiers with no intrinsic value when referencing sensitive data elements.



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