About Foliolens

Created by Investors, for Investors

Daniel and Vince began investing in real estate separately, while also maintaining their corporate careers and balancing family life. They were motivated by the guise of passive income that the industry promised. It was a struggle to scale and even operate their respective portfolios, and teaming up in hopes to accelerate growth did not yield the returns they needed.


30 doors. Was this their breaking point? They had SFRs and MFRs in multiple high-revenue markets around the country, yet the profits weren’t enough to make up for the time they had to commit to the endeavor. They hired the right property management companies and found great tenants, so where were they going wrong? How could they identify the source of their pain at this point?


They needed a way to see all their properties, all their portfolios, all in one place. They needed to be able to zoom in on the financial details and zoom out on the market trends. Is there an underlying cause in just one market? Is there a repeated behavior across the map? They found themselves at a delta. They could continue swimming upstream and hope they stay afloat or they could build a life raft.


Foliolens became their life raft. Firstly, the platform supports foundational property management tasks, so that the property managers can hate their jobs less and build better relationships with investors and tenants. Secondly, the software allows all users to upload and input portfolio data to track the vitals of their investments and make better financial decisions.


Daniel Godbout, Co-founder and CEO

Before co-founding Foliolens, Daniel has served as a senior technology executive, leading cloud infrastructure teams, engineering, architecture, and global operations for over 17 years including a Fortune 100 technology company, multiple startups, and several diverse industries.


Based in San Diego California, Daniel brings a wealth of national residential real estate investing and first-hand property management experience.

Vincent Samuel, Co-founder and CTO

Vincent brings more than 13 years of leadership experience in IT consulting, business development, security and privacy from startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to Foliolens, he has spent nearly 5 years in real estate investing where he funded and closed on residential, small commercial and construction deals through his family business. 


Based in the SF Bay Area, his more recent pursuits have been in out of state multi-family rental investments. In his free time, he is an avid hiker, soccer fan, technology startup advisor and investor.

Erin Erickson, Head of Sales & Marketing

Erin is a serial entrepreneur who brings over 10 years of experience in marketing and business development. Her background and current endeavors as a Realtor and coworking space owner position her well as an asset to the Foliolens team.


Prior to Foliolens, Erin consulted with startups and small businesses in sales, marketing, and development in industries that ranged from non-profits, insurance, skincare, and real estate. Every business has a story and Erin is able to share the Foliolens story with our users and investors alike.

Jennifer Flynn, Data Science Advisor

Over the last decade Jennifer has used her skills as a full-stack data scientist to modernize legacy data systems as well as deploy state of the art machine learning models. As a veteran of multiple start-ups in both B2B and B2C spaces, she has scaled data pipelines and created new models for entity resolution, text classification, and recommendation systems. 


In her past-life as a software engineer, she was part of the team that won the NASA Centennial Challenge for Lunar Regolith Excavation. In her spare time, she enjoys the more earthly pursuit of tending to her tomato and herb gardens.

Chris Moreno, Real Estate & PropTech Advisor

Multifamily Real Estate Investor and Startup Evangelist. Chris has years of experience in PropTech, Future of Work, FinTech, Transportation, and ClimateTech investments. His passion is in startups where he has invested in 6 and already reported 3 successful exits. His knowledge in the startup world and real estate industries is invaluable to Foliolens.

property management software
property management software

How it works

Foliolens invites property management companies who sacrifice too much time and money to increase their ROI and improve operational efficiencies through data and automation.


Our users begin by adding the basic information of each property in their respective portfolios. From there, managers invite their tenants to start digitizing rental payments and digitally submit maintenance requests.


The real magic happens next, though. Users are able to upload important documents to leverage the data within them in order to track their portfolio performance. Upload with a click, categorize automatically, and watch as Foliolens extracts just the right type of information for you to start making data-driven decisions.