Hiring a Virtual Assistant to Help Manage Your Rentals

Optimize Your Time by Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Are there parts of managing your rental properties that you often avoid or wait to complete until the last minute? Do you value your time and want to focus on the things that bring you the most joy? Hiring a virtual assistant can be a great way to optimize your time.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

What’s Your Budget?

Before you decide to hire a virtual assistant, you want to make sure you have the money to do so. Look up the range of pay in your area and figure out how many hours you are going to need to make sure that you have enough income to cover the cost of hiring. This will also allow you to be upfront with how much you are willing to pay.

Where to Find the Perfect Assistant?

Many hiring platforms allow you to look for, and hire, specialists for different aspects of rental management. Do your research on which platforms have the best reviews. There are even platforms that hire assistants from all over the world, allowing you to find the right assistant in your price bracket.

Be Clear and Concise in Your Job Description

Make your job description as detailed as possible and be upfront and clear about your expectations. This will save you time and money by hiring the right person. Make it easy for your assistant to work with you by being detailed about what exactly they will be doing on a day-to-day basis. Some assistants will apply to many jobs, without reading the fine print. Filter these applicants by including something in your job description that asks them to complete a certain task, such as asking them to write a certain phrase in their application. This will help you only focus on the applicants who pay attention to details.

Expectations for Behavior, Payments, and Tracking Work

Are you looking for a detail-oriented person or someone who responds quickly to tasks? Be clear and upfront about what you are looking for in an assistant and be sure that their skills match the description. Have documentation already in place before you hire. Then they will have something to refer back to when they have questions, and they won’t need to rely on reaching out to you.

Who Do You Want to Hire?

Figure out which parts of owning a rental property you want to outsource and find someone with those skills. You want to maximize your time doing the things that matter most to you.

Hiring Process

Find the hiring platform that works for you but also makes sure to take responsibility by interviewing candidates via a phone call or video interview. This will help you start building a solid relationship by setting the tone for how you operate. Have a list of questions prepared ahead of time that not only address specifics of their daily tasks but also include questions that show you are interested in them as a person. People work better when they feel valued.

Sample Work

Have them complete a sample work assignment to ensure you are both comfortable with the relationship before moving forward.

Project Management Software to Ensure Streamlined Systems

If you don’t already have a project management software system, find one that works for you and make sure they know how to work with this system. This will help you both keep track of work in progress and work that has been completed.

Ongoing Two-Way Feedback

Keep your lines of communication open. Your assistant should be comfortable coming to you with any issue, as you should be as well. Be clear ahead of time when you will communicate, especially if you are hiring someone in a different time zone than you.

Tasks to Outsource to Your Assistant

Once hired, they can provide support by reviewing tenant applications and passing on the top choices for you to review. This will save you a ton of time and energy. VPM suggests that VAs contact applicants if any information is missing, as well as have them check references.

Working within your property management system includes tasks that help you improve and streamline your services, many times being able to automate them. There are plenty of options when it comes to property management software. If you hire an assistant in the beginning stages of owning rental property, then you can have them do the work of setting you up within that system.

Virtual rental property assistants can also do the work of scheduling tenant visits and follow-ups. These tasks may seem small, however they often take up a lot of your time and are easily handled by a virtual assistant as they often require a lot of back and forth communication. This will be especially important if you own rental property as supplemental income or own a lot of properties. Having an assistant schedule these meetings will save you a ton of time.

As an owner of rental property, you probably already have a network of individuals that are available for repairs and maintenance. In an ideal situation, these professionals will be ready and available whenever you need them. However, there will be many times when they are not available when you need them. Your assistant can do the research and contact other contractors when yours are not available to ensure your tenants’ needs are met swiftly and effectively.

Prospective tenants need to know you exist and have properties for rent! If marketing, blogging, and social media updates are not on your list of things that bring you joy, then hiring a virtual assistant to take care of these vital marketing tasks is a must. They can make sure that potential clients have a way to contact you and can access a list of any available properties you may have.

Ready to invest in additional properties? Rental Choice reminds owners that virtual assistants can even be used to research and discover new rental properties.

There are many ways to utilize the help of a virtual assistant that will make owning rental properties a breeze!

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