Landlord and Tenant Laws in all 50 States

Landlord and Tenant Laws in all 50 States

Each state has its Landlord/Tenant Laws in attempt to maintain the integrity and safety of both the landlords and their tenants. Since states have laws unique to them, Foliolens has put together a comprehensive list of each state and the respective regulations for landlords and tenants living there.

Alabama Laws

Alabama has laws for various situations, including eviction notices, abandoned property, and a tenant’s right to demand necessary repairs.

Alaska Laws

In Alaska, if you know the basics of the state residential laws, you should be able to work through most potential conflicts between landlord and tenant without legal help.

Arizona Laws

Arizona has laws surrounding security deposits, withholding rent for necessary repairs, late fees, and rights to enter rental property, among other issues.

Arkansas Laws

In Arkansas, there are laws about breaking leases and the eviction process.

California Laws

The laws in California are very kind toward tenants. It has rent control laws statewide as well as laws regarding tenant screening and landlord disclosures.

Colorado Laws

If you rent or rent out in Colorado, you’ll need to know the laws about abandoned property, the eviction process, and notices of non-payment.

Connecticut Laws

Connecticut has laws surrounding security deposits and month-to-month tenancies, among other things.

Delaware Laws

In Delaware, there are laws protecting tenants against retaliation, a landlord’s right to enter a property, and other procedures.

Washington D.C. Laws

In the District of Colombia, there are legal specifications about security deposits, deadlines, and when the tenant has the right to break a lease.

Florida Laws

Florida has plentiful laws about landlords and tenants, such as rules surrounding mold, abandoned property, and the eviction process.

Georgia Laws

The state of Georgia allows tenants to withhold their rent if a landlord doesn’t make repairs, in addition to holding landlords responsible for a variety of other things.

Hawaii Laws

All islands in Hawaii use the same laws, including required notices of rent raises and small claims processes.

Idaho Laws

Idaho’s laws surrounding tenants and landlords include eviction processes and tenant protection against retaliation.

Illinois Laws

Illinois laws detail things such as termination for non-payment and mold.

Indiana Laws

Indiana landlords must follow procedures to disclose certain information, among other laws.

Iowa Laws

Iowa renters and landlords must follow laws regarding disclosures, security deposits, and small claims.

Kansas Laws

Kansas tenants can break their leases under certain legal circumstances, but so can the landlords.

Kentucky Laws

Kentucky landlords must give appropriate notice before raising rent, and tenants have the right to withhold rent for certain circumstances.

Louisiana Laws

Landlords and tenants in Louisiana must follow protocols regarding breaking leases, eviction, and other processes.

Maine Laws

Among the laws surrounding renting in Maine are specifications regarding tenant protection, eviction notices, and landlord access to the property.

Maryland Laws

Renters and landlords in Maryland need to be aware of laws about late fees, eviction, and mold, among other things.

Massachusetts Laws

Massachusetts has specific laws about landlord disclosures, security deposits, and small claims.

Michigan Laws

The state of Michigan follows laws about landlord disclosures and security deposits.

Minnesota Laws

Minnesota landlords and renters need to be aware of laws about eviction and lease-breaking.

Mississippi Laws

Mississippi governs its renters and landlords with specific rent laws.

Missouri Laws

If you live in Missouri and rent or rent out, you need to know the main legal requirements.

Montana Laws

Montana follows laws regarding the raising of rent and other situations.

Nebraska Laws

In Nebraska, renters and landlords must follow due process concerning small claims, disclosures, and security deposits.

Nevada Laws

Nevada residents have rights regarding deposits, non-payment, and lease-breaking.

New Hampshire Laws

New Hampshire has laws about small claims, security deposits, and raising rent.

New Jersey Laws

In New Jersey, landlords must disclose certain situations by law.

New Mexico Laws

Both New Mexico landlords and renters have laws that protect them.

New York Laws

In New York, there are laws about many things, such as deposits and rent control.

North Carolina Laws

In North Carolina, renters and landlords must follow laws regarding late fees, small claims, and disclosures.

North Dakota Laws

North Dakota has laws pursuant to security deposits and disclosures.

Ohio Laws

Ohio landowners must disclose certain things by law, and renters have responsibilities, too.

Oklahoma Laws

Oklahoma renters and landlords have laws about small claims, deposits, and late fees, among other things.

Oregon Laws

Landlords in Oregon have many situations that they are legally required to disclose.

Pennsylvania Laws

There are laws in Pennsylvania for both renters and landlords.

Rhode Island Laws

The laws in Rhode Island protect both landlords and renters.

South Carolina Laws

Both renters and landlords must follow legal requirements in South Carolina.

South Dakota Laws

South Dakota has rent rules and other laws that protect both parties.

Tennessee Laws

The state of Tennessee has laws in place for both tenants and their landlords.

Texas Laws

Texas has implemented laws about late fees, withholding rent, and small claims.

Utah Laws

In Utah, there are specific laws about deposits and disclosures.

Vermont Laws

Vermont has laws in place about raising rent, deposits, and small claims.

Virginia Laws

In Virginia, tenants and landlords should know about required disclosures, security deposits, and bounced check fees.

Washington Laws

Washingtonians who rent or rent out have rent rules, disclosure responsibilities, and other rights.

West Virginia Laws

In West Virginia, there are laws about security deposits, rent, and small claims.

Wisconsin Laws

The laws for landlords and renters in Wisconsin include unconditional quit notices and tenant rights to withhold rent.

Wyoming Laws

Wyoming renters have laws to protect them, as do landlords.

Before You Rent or Rent Out

If you are (or are thinking of becoming) a landlord or if you are a renter, it’s important to know what is expected of you and what you are responsible for. Educate yourself so that you don’t get into an unwanted situation or so that you know what to do if one comes up.   For other investment strategies and real estate tips visit the Foliolens Blog and sign up for our monthly newsletter

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